Current interests and topics:

  • Records concerning the Canterbury brewery partnership between William Baldock and his son-in-law Charles Delmar

  • Probate relating to Dr Isaac Rutton and William Baldock (Senior). Many thanks to Steve Baldock for sending the Last Will and Testament of William.

  • Information regarding the East Kent smuggling network operated by the banker John Minet Fector. (Especially papers relating to any agreement between The Seasalter network and the East Kent smuggling industry.

  • Purchase agreements, land registry documents, lease agreements concerning Dr Isaac Rutton, Mr William Baldock, John Knocker and Thomas King.

  • Purchase agreements and registry documents for “Little Sea Field”.
  • Map showing boundary of Little Sea Field.
  • Purchases (land and property) and tenancy agreements in the name of Jonas King.

  • Background on Riding Officers and Coast Waiters — particularly local records that provide descriptions and actions around Whitstable, Faversham, Sheerness and the Thames Estuary.

  • Cargo records and manifests for William Baldock’s hoy ‘The Success’ (or manifest details for the previous owner).
  • Information and records concerning Canterbury hoymen: John Chalk, Richard Elwyn, William Baldock. (My thanks to Mark Chalk for information concerning his 4x grandfather.)

If you have any information on the above or records that might help, please contact me:

Some background:

Harvey, W. (1983) The Seasalter Company, a Smuggling Fraternity (1740-1854), Whitstable: Emprint

Waugh, M (1985) Smuggling in Kent and Sussex 1700-1840, Newbury: Countryside Books

Philip, R (1999) The Coast Blockade. The Royal Navy’s War on Smuggling in Kent & Sussex 1817-31, Horsham: Compton Press

A few online resources:

The British Newspaper Archive

British History Online

National Archives

The Gazette

British Library

Geneology dotcom

The 1790 Directory

Smuggler’s Britain

Proceedings of the Old Bailey

Canterbury Archeology

Canterbury Cathedral Archives

Kent Archeological Society

London Lives

Kent History and Occupations

Coastguard Services 1785-1850

(Resources last revised November 2014)

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